First for Fromefullness!

By Cosmo & Calendula Hipseed

It is always a joy to spend an afternoon with like-minded Frome folk such as our dear friends Rowena and Hugo Pendulum. We all took a stroll through Rodden Meadow as far as the Yak Farm, pausing to gather some strong grass for the next Foraged Feast For Frome.

Rowena & Hugo have been uber busy since establishing The Quiet Scaffolding Company which aims to solve the issue of noise pollution from the clanking of large erections. Their organic bamboo plantation behind Asda is already a huge success and their poles have featured on Channel 4’s Gentrification, Gentrification, Gentrification. You may well have also seen their bamboo scaffolding in use around Frome outside buildings such as The Tricycle Emporium and Muriel’s Magnificent Mangoes which are currently under restoration. We are delighted that the town centre won’t look like a builder’s yard on It’s A Sunday Market days this year!

Market-Goer’s try to dodge some of last year’s ugly erections

Speaking of The Sunday Market In The Frome, don’t forget that the main stage (outside Oxfam) plays host to Frome’s Battle Of The Independent Bands with the competition really hotting up.

Young folk-meets-funk quartet Elaborate Hoax are storming it with their re-imagined sounds and the irresistible charms of twin front men Matty & Milton Murgatroyd. Terminal Cheesecake also have a faithful following of djent-shoegaze aficionados although you have to hear it to believe it. The Toyshop Orchestra from Trowbridge are another name to watch, with their unique use of xylophone, jingly bells, recorders and kazoos they’ll soon have your feet moving.

Our very own Frome The Mayor is a talented musician and heads the popular band No Fracking Way to great acclaim. Watch that space, they’ll go far I hope! rk_the_visitor_elisabet_davids09

Frome The Mayor practices at home for Battle Of The Bands

But my vote goes to Negligent Uncle. If you haven’t heard them already you’re in for a treat. They send the sweet sounds of pan pipes and accordion soaring through our town and reaching as far as the abattoir, or so I am told.

It only remains for me to drum up support for the up-coming Vegan Pride Parade to be held in Our Frome next month. Beans Not Bones is our way of raising awareness of vegetables in general and educating the community about the hidden hazards of cream. Come along and help us stir up The Sharing Saucepan which will be located outside Argos at 11am on March 31st. Vegetable donations welcome! (no leather or fur clothes please).

Thanks for reading, see you very soon around The Frome!

The Hipseeds










Let’s go ‘Online Fromeing….’

The New Community Sharing Artisan Blog for The People Of Frome

By Taboulleh Zest & Giles Miles

Hi and Welcome! We hope that you will love and share the fabulous Frome news as published here on our Online Fromeing blog. Bookmark us now and be the first to read our many exciting upcoming features including:

  • ‘Up The Artisan’ Frome’s fresh new pub guide (hand-printed fairtrade copies available from The Desk)
  • Focus feature on our very own Giles Miles founder of ‘The Artistic Oat’ and organiser of  popular Ukelele for Baby classes

Screen shot 2016-03-31 at 23.46.16

  • News on the imminent launch of Frome’s Secret Bean App. All you need to locate Frome Beansprout Sharing Hubs
  • Take part in ‘The Big Pick’ and help harvest the first Frome Beansprouts for the Community Wok (located in The Precinct)


  • The uprising of The Frome Knob, said to be like a vegan version of The Dorset Knob
  • A look forward to Frome’s best-loved community event ‘The Great Open-Air Vintage Sock Knit’, plus new for 2016 is the pop-up wellbeing herb BBQ (weather permitting)
  • Tips on applying for your own Local Start-Up Community Enterprise Micro Food Shack Grant (flyers will be available from The Doorstep)
  • We catch up with community elder Bohemian Bob and his ever growing Outdoor Column
  • Spotlight on Frome Town Council’s Tracey Toogood. Following her recent suspension, Tracey puts her side of the story surrounding her now infamous “bloody yogurt knitters” comments to the local press
  • ‘Fromefullness’….we ask exactly what is Frome full of?

Screen shot 2016-03-31 at 23.50.23

And far too much more to mention…………….yet!

Check back soon, share our blog on Facebook, Twitter or community lamp post, and don’t forget we’d love to read your comments!! After all this blog is for you and about you and your town!

By Independent Creativity Hubbists,

Taboulleh & Giles













Screen shot 2017-05-02 at 15.15.47

By Columbus Mince, Urban Safari Poet

As a modern talking poet I’m used to being thrusted in the spotlight, whether it’s at an informal Word-Yodel or a more polished Saying-Things Ceremony. But on this occasion it’s Our Frome The Town itself that firmly takes centre stage.

With the honour of being guest blogger for Onlinefromeing this week came the most exciting sneaky preview of Frome Town Council’s best kept secret….Fromeopoly!

And there we all were thinking that Frome already had it all! Now Frome’s many charms have been immortalised in cardboard with the Frome Edition of Monopoly, designed by London local Hamish McTapestry. With all the quirks of The Frome in miniature, if you’ve ever wanted to build a hub on Gentle Street but you only have £500 this is the game for you.

Screen shot 2017-05-02 at 15.15.47.png
Now you can buy your favourite Frome pub or build a hub with Fromeopoly!

“Frome is too nice to have a jail and so is Fromeopoly” McTapestry told me when we met to discuss the game. “The closest thing to incarceration in Frome is the rear of The Factory Shop. I got lost in there for two days while searching for napkin rings”

Instead of four train stations Fromeopoly features four of Frome’s well-known For Sale pubs. “Luckily no estate agents are involved whatsoever” mocks cheeky Hamish!

In the centre of the board he has replaced Community Chest with Community Fridge and suggests that players bring food donations, for use by any player who gets hungry during the game. “Frome is like that” Hamish adds, as we share some old-but-still-good falafels he has brought to the Onlinefromeing office.

Hamish McTapestry, cardboard wittler

And as this is Frome, Monopoly Houses and Hotels are replaced by Fromeopoly Cottages and Hubs. Collect 20000p every time you pass GO and you’ll soon have your dream erection on North Parade.

One aspect of Fromeopoly however is as yet incomplete. Hamish would like The People Of The Place Of Frome to vote for suitable new Monopoly pieces for this edition of the game. Gone are the old-fashioned Iron, Hat and Boot and in their place SO FAR are a miniature Veg Box, a Unisex Sandal and a Free School Catchment Area Map. Please get in touch with your suggestions for more Frome-style miniatures you would like to play with. Contact us or catch up with Hamish as he and his chums mass-debate at the next public meeting at the Town Hall.

Is anyone looking forward to this weekend’s Market as much as me? (That’s IMPOSSIBLE I’ll have you know……)

Always so much to see at The Market, Frome

This time I’m rolling up my sleeves as a volunteer with the Logic Furnace team. A lot of hard graft goes on behind the scenes to keep it stoked up to keep the Market running smoothly.

It’ll be non-stop and I’ll be lucky if I even find time to grab a bite to eat with my partner Carly Flower-Rice. Also up to her eyes in it every market day, Carly co-ordinates the Dungaree Quarter of the market which extends into West Frome via the River Arch. Busking on the River Arch this weekend is tambourine juggler Hugh Jeego from Bradford-On-Avon. Do make sure your market meanderings take you past Hugh and his ear-catching juggly jingles.

I’ve enjoyed being this week’s blogman so much, I nearly forgot to mention my latest really great book, ‘Smell My Rhymes’ by me, Columbus Mince, out now in paper.


If you are new to Perfumed Poetry you may be asking yourself  “What is Mince going on about?” I urge you to bring all your senses down to my interactive Book Sniffing Aperture which is to be temporarily installed in the tunnel adjacent to Argos.

Have fun Humans From Frome,

C. Mince

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Frome!

By Raffia Rimflap

It’s about time we allowed our readers behind the scenes of Onlinefromeing! I’m chuffed to be this week’s guest blogger, I cannot tell you how much fun we have here at our modest office. It may not be much but it’s all we need (for now, until our Rural Hubbing Enterprise Crowd Grant Loan application is accepted…….)

We’re looking forward to joining the Frome Hot-Desk Swapping Carousel soon..

We have built up a great rapport with Farmer Barnstump who allows us to use his WiFi and his bushes. Luckily we are a close-knit team more than happy to make do and mend and we wear headscarves and thick blogging pinnies when it gets breezy.

Sadly our tucked away location isn’t on the regular route of the mobile fooding Frome Salad Wagon, brainchild of food engineers Clint and Floella Sandal. I have been known to chase their wagon down, such is my craving for the Weed & Pip Pesto Greenery that Clint adeptly tosses. I managed to pin down renowned tosser Clint at the Coconut Everything Festival recently and he did promise to share his lunchbox with me whenever he can. What a guy!

Last year I began to wonder if my career as a nipple-tassel artisan had reached a natural peak. I set up Sequins In The Sauce when Burlesque burst all over Somerset five years ago, but I always knew I’d need to develop a sideline to my nipple accessories. While watching an elaborate open-air performance by local Boylesque hero Dixon Fire I realised he was really struggling with his finger cymbals. Not originally designed for such vigorous use they kept falling off Dix, so at the interval I whipped out my tape measure and got to work designing something better suited to his act. That’s how Sex Cymbals were born ladies and gentlemen, and I couldn’t be prouder to be showcasing them at the Frome Businessology Barn next week (over 18’s only).

Screen shot 2017-04-05 at 22.06.06
 Dixon Fire rehearses with Raffia Rimflap & Justin Tooboys

I love moving and shaking my stuff within the Frome Business Biosphere and Ive met a plethora of pro-active people while doing so. It is my pleasure this week to throw the spotlight on artist Rupert Fastfinger who created Colour-in Frome. You may have seen Rupert around Frome with his art cart, absorbing the artisanal atmosphere and gathering inspiration as he watches The Frome go by. There isn’t a coffee shop or corner of Frome that Rupert hasn’t enjoyed himself in, so he told me when we met The Willow Zig-Zag on Stony Street. Rupert’s latest Colouring Collection is hot off the press and really captures the Frome Vibe. Sneaky peek below!

Frome-inspired Colouring Book excerpts, by Rupert Fastfinger

Pop down to the Frome Bubble Hub and pick up a signed copy next time you’re cycling by folks!

The weather has been kind lately and our image collaborators have been out and about capturing all the best Frome Moments for us. Watch this Onlinefromeing space for much more Frome words and pictures coming very soon!

Raffia Rimflap





Far-fetched Frome!

By Rococo Bandana, Founder of Frome Fine Water


I’m delighted to be here this week bloggering on about fantastical Frome and all it has to offer. My mission statement as a foodist has always been to spread and share my food story. My nonprofit organisation Frome Fine Water is the latest stage of my food pilgrimage. I have travelled far and wide, tasted many a delicacy and recently settled in Frome, famous for it’s pure and natural street water. I soon spotted the opportunity to supply a little bit of Frome to coffee shops, bars and bistros further afield. Working with fellow Narrow Eating enthusiasts Clyde Froth and Angus Pipe we were soon hard at it and getting wet in Cheap Street.

Froth, Pipe and I are all very proud to be part of Fooding For Frome this year. Download a Fooding For Frome events schedule from the Frome Cloud and don’t miss a thing.

A stone’s throw from where I bottle Frome Fine Water is The Boyle Cross, a monument at the centre of the Frome Market Place regeneration plan. Standing proud and erect at 9 feet tall the stone cross is to be brought bang up-to-date when it is renamed by the council in the summer.

From Boyle to Boylesque, thanks to Frome perfomer Dixon Fire

It was a unanimous vote for the new name The Boylesque Cross to honour Frome’s multi award-winning Boylesque Duo, Bruno Mound and Dixon Fire. Performing as Mound On Fire these local boys have been pleasuring crowds with their fun but risqué live act for five years. First appearing at Chapmanslade Village Hall, these boys have gone a long way in tight, skimpy clothes! The new Boylesque Cross will be generously studded with spangles and knob-hugging straps when it is unveiled by Mound On Fire at the Frome Festival.

Although I haven’t seen any publicity yet I gather there must be another Frome Independent Shop Window Dressing Contest underway. On my latest stroll through It’s Wonderful Frome I spotted some definite contenders. I’m left lost for words for once as these pictures speak for themselves!

Some of my favourite eye-catching (and rat-catching) Frome shop window displays

I will leave you all to ponder these pictures in the privacy of your own hubs as I’m in a rush to get to The Community Hat Stand. If you haven’t already shared and swapped hats via this exciting scheme I urge you to give it a go. I’ve squeezed my big shiny head into several elaborate contraptions since I started using the community scheme, currently being run from a disused toilet block by the river. Today I need to select a suitable flamboyant accessory to wear to tonight’s Alternative Soup Debate at The Passage. Thank you for reading my contribution to Onlinefromeing, it’s been fun to participate guys!

Rococo Bandana

Fromeology For All!

By Enya Spiralise

Screen shot 2017-03-15 at 19.40.12

A warm welcome to all Fromies. I’m sitting here with my pooch Windmill who was SO looking forward to strutting his upcycled tweed shoulder cape at the first The Frome Market of 2017. He wasn’t the only despondent doggie as the market and Pub Hub was cancelled due to abusive weather. All dressed up and nowhere to go barely covers it, but I must say a HUGE thank you to Jemima Dungaree from The Doggy Broth Company who dropped in with a batch of slow-cooked venison and wild bilberry to cheer up the pups!

Now of course I usually avoid meaty things but the good news is that Jemima’s husband and enterprise buddy Benjii ethically hunts and gathers all ingredients for their Doggy Broth range. And they never use cling film. I’ve been very happy with their Doggy Diet Discovery Crates since I signed up for their doorstep deliveries. Pick up a heavy leaflet at The Pup Hub and get 11% off your first broth!

I was working the other day on my nut-free nut roast recipe at The Frome Hotdesking Cabin when I was introduced by chance to Fergal Acorn. Just 10 minutes of hubbing later I knew I had to tell his story here on Onlinefromeing! Food Adventurer Fergal was brought up on a flapjack farm near Bruton. His earliest memories are of the family vegetable plot and sitting on his grandfather’s knee admiring his huge marrow. The Acorns were deeply involved in bran in the 70s and the love of clever food has certainly been passed to Fergal.  “I am in business with my fiancée Posy who has a well-established career in galvanised buckets” says Fergal, as we relax in hemp hammocks for this chat. “My siblings and I were surrounded by wholesome hippy food when we were growing up and there really isn’t much I haven’t eaten in my time, I even went to a supermarket once”.

Fiddling in the woods with Fergal Acorn

Fergal found his niche by supplying Fiddlehead Ferns to local organically-minded cafes. If like me you’ve never had a Fiddlehead then get along to Workshop in the Woods where you can forage for some. After foraging, Fergal will also show students how to fiddle with their heads to make something delicious happen.

I was in town choosing twine yesterday when I saw my old friend Edison Plimsoll. It would have been very hard to miss him in as he was doing a stint at the Pop-Up Printing Faculty outside Blowin’, Whittle & Cusp Coffee Co-Operative. Is there no limit to the cool ideas in our The Frome these days? Edison’s new ‘Fromeology’ range of showoff-ables are this season’s Catherine Hill must-have essentials. I picked up several Fromeology fair-trade organic canvas bags for my extended Frome family in London, and a Fromeologist ethical cotton man-pinny for my partner Quincy who cooks the meanest vegetable BBQ this side of Pimlico.

Edison Plimsoll’s new Fromeology goodies, available now at The Faculty

Do get your orders in now while you have a chance. Plimsoll is selling his goods as fast as his restored vintage block printing press can churn them out.

Hope to see you showing off your bags at the April Market, moistness permitting!

















Giving you your Frome Fix!

By Crimson Doogood & Garcinia Huffington-Clasp of ‘Women In Entrepreneurshipping

 Frome wins the top title from the Association of Retail and Shopping Excellence (ARSE) for the 9th year running

Hi there all you lovely Frome chaps, chappesses and chap neutrals. What a thrill for us to be guest blogging here on Onlinefromeing! We will be focussing on the Wonderful World Of Frome Independent Businessing this week!

If we sound almost bubbling over with excitement then it’s because we’re finalising plans for the Vintage Date Night hosted by our good selves soon at The Cavity on North Parade. Our gin & tonicologists are on standby to serve lady tipples to match your outfits, and for dapper men in tweed Mortimer from Cobble Wobble Crafty Ales will be manning his pumps. The Vintage theme came about as we realise that everyone who is anyone in Frome wears re-imagined clothes.

If you are also in micro-business in Frome then come along to The Frome Chamber Of Commerce Business Incubation Crucible to chat your ideas through. Tabitha Screwfix (daughter and heir to the Screwfix empire) recently told us her inspirational story ‘A Life With Tools’ at The Frome Business Brunch. Stan Cowparsley of The Farmer’s Market Association spoke at length about the tradition of cows on farms near hills while Linda Carnival from Lindas That Lunch served her usual beige fayre on big platters.

Frome fixer-uppers Naomi and Jonathon Earl-Catamaran are tantalisingly close to completing their ‘Yoni Yurts’ rustic retreat. Away from the hustle and bustle of Catherine Hill and The Precinct, their unique tented zone nestles at a secret location on the edge of Our Town. Go to their 100% wooden website http://www.yoniyurts.com to forward their contact information to your London family and friends who may be visiting you soon!

“What has crochet got to do with cycling?” is a question I’ve heard asked a lot lately. Obviously both crochet and cycling are very popular in The Frome, but what is the connection? Crimson and I tuned in to Frome-based radio station Forage FM to hear about artist Hugo Teasel and The Tricycle Festival that will be rolling into Our Frome at the weekend. Hugo is a dyed-in-the wool bicycle upcycler in every sense.

Hugo Teasel’s hard-to-miss bikes spotted in Frome

You may have spotted some of his creations appearing around town to promote the event. According to Twitter Hugo’s amazing bikes have been Instasnapped outside The People’s Fridge Of The Frome, The Community Lamp Post and The Tuck Shop (although we’ve no idea where or what that is). On festival day you are invited to bring your bike along and ‘Up-Yours’ at Hugo’s up-cycling workshop. It’s a snip too, at only £200 per person plus materials cost. Hugo says “I can’t promise that your bike will go faster in a full crochet skin but wool is the new paint. Down with paint.”

Our wonderful woolen Town Of Frome once again is at the forefront of some very trendy trends. How glad we are to have down-sized to be part of it all!

Love Crimson & Garcinia x











A Frome-Marketing We Go!

By Seamus Prism of Virtual Allotments


What a fortunate fellow I am! I’m feeling fresh and rested after a Hygge Comfort Break in Copenhagen with my partner Conan Moccassin. We were the lucky ones to win the trip in the Upside-Down Silent Fairtrade People’s Auction held at The Frome Tree House just before Christmas. As part of the trip we attended a log-pile building workshop and so have already started to draw up plans for some piles of our own back here in Frome.

Virtual Allotments is going from strength to strength for Conan and me, it’s hard to believe that what began as a lively chat amongst hubbists has resulted in us both being able to leave our London jobs to focus on our Nordic Slipper enterprise and Virtual Allotmenteering.


But enough about me, I am really here to give you Frome Fanatics the Heads-Up on all the amazing events and happenings coming soon!

The first Frome Thinking Bomb went off successfully at The Cheese & Grain last week and top of the agenda was the search for new ideas for The Frome Folk, Food & Fun Fiesta. Among the top suggestions were a Bunting Bank for local eventists, a sugar-free candy floss strategy and the replacement of the Jennings September funfair with a low-impact, mechanical, zero-carbon ethical amusement offering. Also as a community we are still on target for all Frome pigeons to be fully vegan by 2018 and for every baby born in Frome to be issued with a Ukelele by the age of 4.

When it comes to community spirit, Frome really does take the organic biscuit! This saturday a Peaceful Protest is planned to make a stand against the over use of man made materials in the town. Meet at The Frome Loom at 10am and after the protest a weave-in is to be held to make organic cotton tablecloths for The Blue Boar, The Market Cross Cafe and Greggs.

Conan and I can hardly wait for the start of a new Frome Market season. What better way is there to spend a lazy Sunday and a few hundred pounds each by 3pm?! We always count ourselves very lucky to live in It’s A Frome. What other town here in the South West offers such a photogenic wallet rinsing service every month?

March sees the ever popular Puppy Satchel Company return to the It’s A Market with their range of Pup-Pooses. Our Doug the Pug loves to be safe AND be seen on market day and we’ve never looked back since we bought a distressed leather Pup-Poose! Sold in every size & colour and starting at only 7000p they really are every pup’s must have. But most exciting of all is the irresistible new service that the lovely lot at The Puppy Satchel Company are offering. You can now borrow a puppy in a Pup-Poose for the day and not miss out! Their new Pub Hub is to be based at the behind Sam’s Kitchen. Get there early as this is going to be very popular! Be seen, be sociable and get snapped this season!

See You There!